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Whenever you listen to a podcast, what you’re really doing is detecting vibrations in the air and interpreting them as sound. These vibrations travel through the air and enter our ears, where they are then transformed into electrical signals. These electrical signals travel to the brain, where you interpret them as sound.

What if some nefarious actor found a way to exploit the whole process of processing sound?

We’re not talking about broadcasting a tone at a specific frequency to prevent teenagers from loitering. We’re talking about the perplexing and mysterious illness that has come to be known as the Havana Syndrome.

Ringing in the ears, dizziness, and a sound so loud it feels like pressure; these are the symptoms of the Havana Syndrome whose cause is still unknown.

The Sound Bullseye

Reports of these symptoms date back to 2016 and almost exclusively affect diplomats. One diplomat now needs a hearing aid. Others can no longer work.

Investigative journalist Nicky Woolf digs into all the possibilities behind this strange occurrence and asks why so many US and Canadian diplomats have sustained an injury to their widespread brain networks. He interviews diplomats stationed in Cuba and sorts through the bizarre takes from three-lettered government agencies that present theories that weren’t very cohesive. He even builds a couple ray guns to help make sense of the science.

Is it a sonic device or microwave radiation? Ultrasound or pesticides? Crickets!? Does it even exist?

At the risk of having the FBI enter the chat, we’ll take the word of the folks who’ve experienced things first-hand. Besides, it has to be significant enough to delay US VP Kamala Harris’s 2021 visit to Vietnam when reports of people experiencing the symptoms became known.

One thing is for sure, when you listen in on The Sound: Mystery of Havana Syndrome it’ll likely be one of your more purposeful listening sessions and you’ll be rewarded for giving this podcast about the Havana Syndrome your time and auditory attention.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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