#288: You're Going to Want to Pack a Snack

Audio journals from the wilderness

Fun fact: Podcast Delivery’s weekly newsletter probably wouldn’t exist were it not for a couple of friends embarking on a multi-day hike on the Juan De Fuca trail.

The multi-day hike didn’t lead to some eureka moment where suddenly everything we wanted to do was figured out, but it did set us on the path that brings us to where we are today – slinging podcast recommendations to thousands of people who’d rather have podcasts meet them where they are (smart choice) and a few months away from the 300th edition of the newsletter! By the way, if you have any ideas about how we should celebrate that milestone, hit reply and let us know.

It took us five days to venture through the backcountry and remote beaches of Vancouver Island. We made sure to plan our route and pack enough food for the journey that got us to the planned checkpoints on our trail map. Along the way, we met a bunch of different folks and one thing always held true. It never really mattered why people were on the trail – it only mattered that they were.


Our hike took a fraction of the time the Pacific Crest Trail is expected to take – five days versus five months – but thru-hiker Cody Hofmockel uses that time to embark on a healing journey of self-discovery, taking him from Mexico to Canada by foot and recording THRU along the way.

That’s 2,653 miles or 4,270 kilometers and THRU lets you listen in on nearly every step taken along the way. From family meetings to interviews on the trail, and ultimately to re-entering the real world again, you’re treated to Cody’s personal audio journals and some captivating soundscapes from the trail. For anyone who appreciates nature and the outdoors, it's impossible not to get drawn into THRU. For anyone who wants to know more about life on the Pacific Crest Trail, keep an eye out for our upcoming Q&A with Cody.

Listen with the right frame of mind or adventure spirit and it’ll be like you’re pushing ahead on the trail yourself. Or, at the very least, you’ll be inspired to seek out your own version of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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