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The truth is out there but the wrong people are looking for it

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Did you know that at some point in the last five years or so, UFOs underwent a whole re-branding? These days, they’re known as UAPs – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – but they’ll always be UFOs in our hearts and minds.

In that same half decade, there’s been a renewed and possibly legitimized interest in understanding if we’ve been visited by beings from another planet.

That growing captivation has a lot to do with the dozens of US Navy pilots who have come forward with compelling video evidence of objects in the sky that defy our current understanding of physics.

Despite all the uncertainty, we know one thing to be true: The US government invested time, money, and resources to better understand UFOs. The budget for this research continues to grow.

All of this serves as the perfect backdrop to High Strange, a captivating and unsettling investigation into phenomena that we can’t help but attribute to some sort of alien encounter.

Eight episodes will abduct your attention and work to strip away any preconceptions you may have about aliens and what it takes to believe. The stigmas that used to dissuade people from coming forward and speaking out aren’t what they used to be. More often, there seems to be a willingness to give people more information instead of keeping it shrouded in government secrecy.

From the Pentagon confirming the existence of a top-secret government program to that Storm Area 51 Facebook event in 2019 that had more than 2 million people RSVP and at least one great meme, we get to hear some captivating stories from host Payne Lindsey.

Area 51 Naruto Runner

You might not come away from High Strange a full-fledged believer, but you’ll definitely have something to think about. Who knows? Maybe you’re the next credible observer of relatively incredible things and you’ll soon be asking others to simply b e l i e v e.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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