#292: A Food Sensory Overload

Connect the flavors of life with your best memories

Everyone has that one food dish that they absolutely cannot resist.

Sometimes that love of specific foods is instilled in us early on in childhood. Think about it. You’re young but old enough to experience the vivid world around you and take in the smells and aromas of a feast being prepared.

Maybe it’s a full-on breakfast with bacon, eggs, and a fat stack of buttermilk pancakes. Or it’s a hearty stew of some sort – a beef bourguignon or a kedjenou. Not your thing? Try some spanakopita, some falafel, or some good ol’ Texas BBQ with a velvety mac and cheese!

And desserts! Where do we even begin?

The foods we love will always invoke vivid memories, and the next foods we fall for will find a way to stick with us like a delicious dolce de lèche. That’s why we absolutely loved the delightful six-episode podcast Bitter/Sweet.

In each episode, guests join host Natasha Miller to share a profound moment in their lives and how it relates to a meal they love. Those moments are unpacked and broken down for us to understand; almost like we were there. The vividness of each recounting is so evocative that it transports listeners to the kitchens where these meals were born.

Equally evocative is the love Natasha Miller holds for her family and their cultural connections to food. Much of Bitter/Sweet listens like an ode to her late mother and the traditions and recipes that can feel just out of reach in her now-empty kitchen.

In series one, we meet restaurateur Jeremy King; creative director Anna Burns; journalist and producer Markus Hippi; and fashion critic Tim Banks.

Every episode sheds light on that unique relationship between food and memory and everyone’s got that one food memory worth sharing making this one great podcast to nourish your listening queue.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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