#294: This is Your Ticket to the Show

A lot goes on before those must-see acts step on stage.

Buckle up, fellow audio heads, because this week we're stepping under the bright lights and into the bustling world of concerts with Night of Show.

Ever wondered what goes on backstage and what it takes to put together a heart-pounding, unforgettable concert? Well, concert promoter Adam Wilkes and NYT bestselling author Tom Wright take us on a deep dive into the lives and stories of the people truly responsible for creating these magical musical moments – the unsung heroes like concert promoters, stagehands, band managers, and of course, the musical acts themselves.

Season one draws on the experiences of John Meglen and Paul Gongaware, legendary concert promoters. As a young man, Paul started his career taking Elvis on his final tour. Together, he and John have fingerprints all over Prince's Super Bowl half-time performance, The Rolling Stones' groundbreaking concert in Cuba, Michael Jackson's tumultuous world tour. There’s even a little something for the Kenny G and The Beach Boys fans way in the back.

With innovative sound design and original music, Night of Show promises to give you a different glimpse into life on the road with the world's top artists, delving deep into untold tales that have captivated their inner circles.

Not only will this scratch your music aficionado itch, it also gives a rare glimpse into the realities of life on the road and on stage. So if you're intrigued by the brilliant minds orchestrating the shows that leave us breathless, or if you've ever harbored a desire to go on tour and experience the world from the vantage point of these music icons, Night of Show is a must-listen.

Get ready to take center stage and embark on this music-filled journey that will undoubtedly strike a chord with your inner audiophile.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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