#295: Seriously. Who does this?

The story behind Banksy's stolen sculpture and its mysterious re-emergence at an auction

If you think about the world of renowned street art, the artist that likely comes to mind first is Banksy. The elusive and anonymous provocateur is lauded for his subversive street art that often comes with a healthy dose of commentary about society, culture, and politics. It's for these reasons that his art is coveted the world over so much so that in 2004, someone managed to nab a Banksy sculpture from the heart of London in broad daylight so he could hold it for ransom.

That someone is Andy Link and if we’re being fair, the art piece was just sitting there in the back garden. The story of the statue's vanishing act and its mysterious re-emergence at an auction over a decade later are nothing short of bewildering. At the center of it, all is Link and his two-decade-long vendetta.

Get ready for a journey through some of the UK's most subversive subcultures – from art terrorists to '80s football hooliganism, and from the '90s illegal rave scene to fetish parties.

As the story unfolds, host Jake Warren also attempts to track down the most elusive and anonymous artists in the world, all in pursuit of answers to the intriguing question of who robs a Banksy? and upping the stakes for the listeners who are in it for the allure of uncovering Banksy’s true identity.

You'll find yourself thoroughly enthralled with every twist and turn. Who robs a Banksy? dives deep into the peculiarities of these unique subcultures and investigates how a determined individual's vendetta against the celebrated artist led to this enthralling drama.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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