#298: Quality True Crime Returns

Revisit the murders that gripped D.C. in the '70s.

It’s been a minute since we’ve been able to indulge in the world of unsolved crime so let’s get to it with Freeway Phantom. The investigative podcast unearths a 1970s-era mystery of six Black girls between the ages of 10 to 18 who went missing in the Washington D.C. area.

Their names are Carol Spinks; Darlenia Johnson; Brenda Crockett; Nenomoshia Yates; Brenda Woodard; and Diane Williams.

The heart-wrenching stories shared by the people affected by the murders will pull at your heart strings and the inconsistent pursuit of the killer by both the police and FBI will leave you scratching your head.

Weaving between the gruesome past and the present-day, Freeway Phantom asks listeners to evaluate what goes into investigating and solving serial murders, how those techniques have changed over the years, and explores the racial disparities that exist throughout law enforcement efforts – something still happening today.

Hosted by Celeste Headlee, you’ll immediately be drawn into the sinister story that stretches across 10 episodes and weaving through every twist and turn that comes with the case’s revival.

Freeway Phantom brings you back in time to paint a vivid picture of the terror that gripped D.C. in the ‘70s. The show’s producers also plead with citizen investigators to share any information that may have been unearthed since the murders to come forward. Tenderfoot TV, iHeartMedia, and Black Bar Mitzvah – the teams behind Freeway Phantom – will double the current $150,000 reward for solving the murders. That’s $300,000 leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the Freeway Phantom murders.

It’s not like there isn’t a precedent for new information coming to light. That’s arguably the backbone of every true crime podcast and your learn what’s been uncovered in the Freeway Phantom murders as soon as you press play.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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