#300: Let's Wreak Some Havoc

A Journey Into the Mind of a Cult Leader

There’s nothing like a cult to get podcast producers to perk up with intrigue.

Similarly, there’s nothing like a bad cult podcast to disappoint podcast fans.

Lucky for you, Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult isn’t a bad cult podcast at all and host and filmmaker Kurt Kubicek is here to pull you in with each captivating episode. Kubicek investigates the twisted history of Cecilia Steyn, a criminal mastermind who convinced her followers to kill 11 innocent people from 2012 to 2016 in Krugersdorp, South Africa.

Kubicek does an excellent job of navigating the complex story of Steyn and her murder cult, exploring her psyche and the motivations behind the horrific crimes, all while placing listeners who might not be familiar with post-Apartheid South Africa in the societal structures that were arguably perfect for those looking to pull people into their fancy new cult.

Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult pulls together a compelling story that takes listeners on a journey into the vivid, shattered world of Queen Havoc and her deadly followers. Along the way, we get to hear from the lead detectives, journalists, and even the incarcerated murderers themselves.

From the chilling opening to the harrowing tale of manipulation, coercion, and an insidious thirst for power, Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult will have you trying to make sense of how Electus per Deus (Latin for ‘Chosen by God’) was so effective at convincing people to join their twisted ranks. All of it is haunting, intriguing, and undeniably macabre

Don't miss this fascinating dive into the horrors of a cult that was convinced it would open up the gates of hell thanks to a woman who claimed to be a 42nd-generation witch and the bride of Satan.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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