#301: What Are You Ready to Go Without?

What you're used to won't always be around to enjoy.

After 300 editions of Podcast Delivery we figured something out: we will never pass up the opportunity to share a quality podcast about the climate crisis.

So, we’re here to share the crucially important and undeniably captivating Without, where host Omar Alakad takes us on a thought-provoking journey through the negative space of things – exploring a world that is changing faster than any other time in human history.

Think about that for a second.

What once took the natural world centuries is now taking mere decades; or even years. The planet's rhythms and cycles are being sped up and pushed to new extremes. Seasons are being recalibrated for and by a troubled system; all right before our very eyes.

If you don’t buy that, take a look outside and reflect on what you see, if you can see anything at all.

On behalf of all Canadians that are about to be without a home or a habitat, sorry this smoke is making it abundantly clear that the climate crisis is in the midst of changing all of our lives.

Cover image for the podcast Withoutt

Without delves into the complex stories of disappearing resources and forgotten concepts, without inciting some of that classic “the sky is falling” fear or false optimism for future where humanity’s salvation stems from our boundless ingenuity.

Each episode carefully unpacks the various aspects of the Anthropocene, bearing witness to the immense impact humans have had on the planet as we're forced to confront climate changes on a scale previously unseen.

Transitioning from tangible resources like sand, coffee, and antibiotics to more abstract ideas such as the concept of home in the climate change era, Alakad paints a vivid and intriguing picture of a world, slowly crumbling under the weight of its own existence.

More than just a commentary on our impending loss, the show also delves into the systems and ways of living that have contributed to our current predicament. As we follow the stories of people who are fighting and sometimes risking their lives to save what little remains, we're forced to confront the question; what is the price of not acting now?

Without is truly a must-listen podcast for anyone looking to better understand the world we're living in, the things we stand to lose, the things that we should be losing, and what might still be salvageable.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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