#317: This is It. Don't Get Scared Now.

Get Creeped Out With EERIE

Anthology series aren’t easy to pull off but when they work, they work

Case in point – EERIE.

This eight episode audio indulgence will grab your attention starting with its opening mission statement that is guaranteed to tickle your brain; or at least make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. 

EERIE vomits forth a deliciously unsettling dose of fright with its interesting spin on the anthology-style horror genre. The eight episodes deliver some strange, some mystery and occasionally brings you something grotesque. 

Allure, spookiness, and unsettling vibes are also on offer. If you’re looking to get creeped out, EERIE is designed to creep you out. Full stop. 

You’re presented with all the different hallmarks of horror and everything that will get under your skin including its chilling narratives, an enveloping soundscape and original, atmospheric score. 

EERIE quickly sets the bar for other podcasts and their creators – it becomes pretty clear pretty quickly that these vaunted and unsettling episodes, and the notable creators behind each of them, are talented at what they do.

Each episode is great in its own right, but the effort to create a through-line for you to hitch a ride on means you’ll easily be coming back for more and enjoying every eerie minute of it.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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