#326: Hot Takes Are Old News

You get to say when it's time for the news.

News podcast fans everywhere can rejoice — you’ve got yet another news podcast to take in!

If you’re on the never-ending quest for a fair and balanced understanding of the world’s news at a time when information moves so quickly that can actually listen to a podcast about something as it’s developing, here’s what you should do:

Add The Global Story to your daily playlist of news podcasts.

Those incredibly ubiquitous up-to-the-minute news podcast that refresh every hour on the hour are one thing. Long form journalism spanning a handful of episodes is another. Both are welcomed by anyone looking to stay on the cutting edge of news but BBC’s The Global Story fits somewhere in the middle; promising one story with a fresh sound and a smart take, Monday through Friday.

The premier episode doesn’t shy away from things either, covering the Israel-Gaza conflict. Other episodes get into Qatar’s growing presence on the world’s stage as peace-maker and also ask the question “how old is too old to be the leader of the free world?”

It’s all pretty simple – if you want to better understand our messy, complicated, intertwined world, you should listen to The Global Story. It explains global issues in a compelling way and helps you understand how decisions made on a global scale can affect us all.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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