#329: It's Like People Watching for Your Ears

Celebrate With Moments and Ordinary Magic

It’s still here waiting for you – our definitive list of 134 podcasts we discovered and loved in 2023. Enjoy it for yourself or gift it to your friends and family!

This time of the year can get downright busy. Whether you’ve been up all night waiting for an elf to break into your home or you’ve been scrambling to do some last-minute gift-wrapping, you’re probably looking forward to things s l o w i n g d o w n.

The best way for things to slow down?

Tune into Stories from the Village of Nothing Much, where only the most ordinary stories unravel to remind you that you’re never far from a world where people are kind and simple things are enjoyed.

Indulge in the delightful audio experience and immerse yourself in soothing stories that not only embrace the small pleasures of life but also let you fill your heart while celebrating the power of community.

Stories from the Village of Nothing Much is a spinoff of Kathryn Nicolai’s immensely popular podcast Nothing Much Happens, so you know these captivating tales are expertly crafted to serve as a comforting remedy for anxiety, while simultaneously providing a generous serving of pure and unadulterated goodness that is sure to warm your heart.

Slow things down, have a listen, and share what you think.

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