#335: Get Enthralled, Drawn In & Consumed

A spooky nostalgia kick for podcasting's biggest fans

Do you remember that feeling you had when you first took in Lore?

Aaron Mahnke’s spooky podcast launched in 2015 and has since gone on to tally nearly half a billion downloads, not before being spun-off into a successful anthology television series.

By all accounts, Mahnke has done what every podcaster probably dreams of doing and he’s back for another helping of unsettling audio storytelling.

So what should you expect this time around?

You can expect to be Consumed.

From the jump you get dropped into a small New England town stuck in the past. It’s rich history as every bit as haunting as you’d expect and when a body turns up in the woods, the tantalizing sense of mystery takes over.

Consumed is touted as a supernatural audio thriller and it absolutely delivers on that front. It extends the unsettling universe already established by 2021’s Bridgewater and makes for a gripping weekly addition to your listening queue.

There’s something to be appreciated when you hear Mahnke’s unique vocal cadence tease the story of Danville, New Hampshire and its history. With years of unravelling New England’s real life mysteries, it’s as though we’ve been primed to believe we can become part of the story because its real.

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