#342: More Monarchy Madness

Bloodlines and the Balance of Power

It's okay – this isn't about that royal family.

We’re going all the way back to Bulgaria during the Second World War because there’s a whole lot that went down that you probably didn’t learn in your high school history class.

When King Boris III of Bulgaria dies amid mysterious circumstances during World War II, there's no shortage of suspects. For those of us keeping tabs on Europe’s land wars, that means his majesty’s death was some 80 years ago; making for one helluva cold case to revisit.

Lucky for us, award-winning journalist Becky Milligan is on the case.

The Butterfly King unfolds like a delicately crafted mystery novel filled with hidden secrets and unsolved historical questions. It offers up an unforgettable ride filled with intrigue that’ll make you question everything you thought you knew about WWII.

Milligan's relentless investigation underpins a storyline that constantly leaves you wondering what could possibly come next. Twists and turns lead to questions and contemplations that reframe the events that surround some of history’s most well-known actors.

It’s not every day that a podcast with the perfect blend of chilling true crime and historical drama comes along. So while you’re taking a break from this modern life to piece together a forgotten history, make sure to take in The Butterfly King so you know which parts of history have been covered up and which parts are resting under a stone waiting to be unturned.

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