#344: The American Terror Psyche: Handle With Care

Nearly 3 weeks of suspicious deliveries terrorized Austin, Texas

A couple of years back, in Podcast Delivery #252, we featured a podcast that delved into the behaviors and ideology of the Unabomber.

It was great.

We learned a ton about a time when America was gripped with fear, while one of its most infamous domestic terrorists used the U.S. Postal Service to murder, injure, and terrify people across the country.

That all started nearly 50 years ago, and while you’d like to think things have changed since then, we're here to report that postal delivery networks remain a pretty reliable distribution channel for things like birthday cards, Amazon deliveries, and the occasional homemade explosive device.

At least that was the case for some of the packages concealing bombs during the 19-day terror campaign that is the subject of Witnessed: 19 Days.

In March of 2018, droves of people were descending on Austin, Texas, just ahead of the city’s annual South by Southwest film festival. It was during this time that a suspicious package was left on the doorstep of an unsuspecting residence in North Austin.

Witnessed: 19 Days compiles accounts from law enforcement, victims, journalists, and residents who witnessed it all and asks listeners to follow the events that led to the killing of two people and serious injury of another five.

The sad reality is that this wasn’t the first, nor will it be the last, successful terrorist plot to captivate America. The motives for all these plots are undoubtedly different, but the effects will always be the same – chilling terror on everyone.

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