#345: It’s Time for Real TV

Is this TV's golden age of representation?

Anyone here remember the dawn of the Golden Age of Television?

We're talking 1950s America where people were carting around television sets in their homes and production studios had stories to tell. We're talking Kraft Television Theater, I Love Lucy, and The Twilight Zone.

Any of those shows ring a bell?

It's okay if they don't, they all fell significantly short in one specific area: representation.

The 1950's Golden Age of Television was a period of innovation and growth for the medium, setting the foundation for what TV could become and thankfully, in the years since, it became something better thanks to the eventual inclusion of different people from differing backgrounds.

Fast forward nearly three-quarters of a century and we get a glimpse into the modern creative minds who want to make even more of a difference by pushing to see a variety of stories filled with people from different backgrounds in all the different content slates at our disposal, binge-worthy or otherwise.

We Disrupt This Broadcast features the risk takers who help reinvent and reimagine the kinds of stories we see on TV. Episode one treats you to a conversation with Damon Lindelof, the show runner of some great TV shows like Lost, The Leftovers, and Watchmen

After that, take in how Quinta Brunson's Abbott Elementary sheds light on underfunded public education systems while bringing a lighthearted workplace comedy to your living room without forgetting the great Black sitcoms from the 90s that paved a way for conversations like this to be had.

Speaking of the end of the last century, that's just about when Peak TV started to take shape thanks to shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad to name a few. With a more serialized storytelling style and a shift away from scheduled broadcasting, compelling intellectual property and a talented production team could beam rich worlds of escape straight to your connected device of choice.

The way we see it, there are so many opportunities to disrupt the status quos that exist throughout the entertainment industry. We Disrupt This Broadcast brings new issues and perspectives from historically marginalized voices to the forefront of a shifting conversation about media, entertainment and the channels that it all gets funnelled through.

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