#349: We’re Letting You in on This Tiny Secret

Keep this quiet 🤐


You! Yeah, you.

We’ve got a secret we want to share with you. There are a couple zany friends that decide to start a podcast about…

Actually. Wait.

Do you promise you’ll keep this under wraps?


OK. Here we go…

So these best friends James and Connor have a super top secret experiment that they’ve shared with us on their podcast Tiny Dinos.

Their scientific pursuits are one-of-a-kind and woven into this super-alluring narrative that’s mostly real as far as we can tell. Maybe there’s a hint of fiction dusted onto the crust of reality but who can tell what’s real these days anyway?

Anyway, once you dig down to the bedrock of Tiny Dinos, you’ll realize it’s almost as if Jurassic Park had a podcast baby with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

By now, you’re probably piecing things together – with Tiny Dinos you’re getting absurdity and banter about tiny dinosaurs, sure. But the real allure of it all is that we’re immediately folded into a world where fun and adventure is the bare-minimum expectation.

Not only that, Tiny Dinos’ guests include Lauren Lapkus, Jason Mantzoukas, Jermaine Fowler, Adam Conover, and John Hodgman. A pretty impressive list of funny people you might not immediately associate with paleontological passions, but they’re roped into Tiny Dinos as much as you’ll be once you get into it.

So there you have it.

Please keep the secrets of Tiny Dinos close to your chest and definitely don’t tell anyone about how awesome it is or what cool newsletter recommended you listen to it.

(And as you’re not doing that, definitely don’t use your referral link or anything.)

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