#351: Got 5 Minutes? Listen to This.

Trade Alert: A new wondrous podcast in exchange for five minutes of your time

Hot take: Real podcast fans embrace podcasts throughout their daily or weekly routines.

For instance, some of us might ease into our morning coffee with a podcast playlist that includes local or national news briefs.

Sports fans might look forward to the next recap episode as much as they look forward to watching the game itself.

At this rate, your gym membership should absolutely come with a few podcasts to enjoy while you work on those lunges and curls.

The point being—your favorite podcasts and regular routines go together like chocolate and peanut butter, and we’re here to sprinkle a little extra sweetness into your weekly audio intake.

Wonder is the type of podcast that crosses your path and leaves you wondering why it has taken so long to find its way to you. As soon as its sound waves hit your ears, you’ll light up, knowing you’re about to learn something new and wonderful.

If routines aren’t your jam and instead you find yourself craving a brief yet profound escape, even better. Wonder promises that momentary pause to marvel at Earth's wonders.

Take a look 👇

Do you know what a moonbow is? You will once you listen to Wonder. Want to learn about the vampire squid and its eight reddish arms? Tune into Wonder. After some enchanting cave content? Wonder has you covered with its episode about the Marble Caves.

Hosts Leo and Lina eloquently narrate each of the wondrous episodes, all accompanied by immersive audio and captivating soundscapes guaranteed to slow your breath while piquing your interest.

Whether you're a nature aficionado or simply in need of a mental getaway, Wonder is a refreshingly serene addition to your preferred podcast playlist.

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