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  • Doug's Newsletter


    Doug's Newsletter

    Every Thursday, I provide simple tips to help you create more pauses — with a generous sprinkling of humor — in 5 minutes or less.

  • Flip the Feed


    Flip the Feed

    No-BS social media insights, strategy, and practical tips written by an industry insider.

  • Important, Not Important


    Important, Not Important

    Science for people who give a sh*t. News, essays, and Action Steps so you can understand and help unfuck the world.

  • Choice Hacking


    Choice Hacking

    Learn what makes buyers tick.

  • On The Fly


    On The Fly

    Sourcing the best sh!t from across the internet to elevate your brand, boost your productivity, and fatten your wallet💰

  • Find That Pod

    Find That Pod

    There are Over 4 Million Podcasts. Find the Best Ones.

    "Need even more podcast recommendations? Once you're done with the new podcasts we recommend, head on over to Find That Pod for a review of the best podcasts of all time."
  • Podchaser Pulse

    Podchaser Pulse

    Get your dose of podcast magic with handpicked recommendations and insights to enhance your listening journey.

    "When you're done taking in the new podcasts we send your way, dive into Podchaser's newsletter."
  • The Zero to One

    The Zero to One

    Each week I research and reverse engineer a high-growth startup. You get the insights to replicate their growth - and save 25+ hours of research. 🚀

    "Great way to understand what leads to high-growth "
  • The Noise Gate by Podcast Movement

    The Noise Gate by Podcast Movement

    This space is designed to connect you with a more deeply creative podcasting experience.

    "A newsletter from the folks at Podcast Movement! "
  • EarBuds Podcast Collective: The Podcast Recommendation Newsletter

    EarBuds Podcast Collective: The Podcast Recommendation Newsletter

    Five podcast episodes on a theme, each week curated by someone new.

  • The Creator Lens by Beazy

    The Creator Lens by Beazy

    Where creatives get their news. The latest creative industry news, tools and tutorials - straight to your inbox, everyday, for free.

    "The Creator Lens is perfect for creators, agency owners, filmmakers, photographers, influencers and creative professionals who want to stay on top of the creative industry."
  • Trailer Park: Podcast Trailer Podcast Newsletter

    Trailer Park: Podcast Trailer Podcast Newsletter

    Everything you need to know about must-listen podcast trailers from around the audio world

    "You like podcasts and podcasts have trailers! Get everything you need to know about the latest podcast trailers."
  • Romantic Audio Club

    Romantic Audio Club

    Get our free, Romantic Audio Shorts direct to your inbox 🎧

  • The Audio Drama Gazette

    The Audio Drama Gazette

    A quarterly newsletter with coverage, commentary, and critiques of audio drama and the podcasting industry, geared towards both listeners and creators.

  • Interview Hub

    Interview Hub

    Book Interviews via this Newsletter

    "Fantastic resource for anyone looking to book interviews for their podcast."