#278: You're Going to Want to Brace Yourself for This.

Tim Ferriss Experiments With Fiction and Its Not for the Faint of Heart.

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Tim Ferriss has a knack for getting you to part with your money. You may know him for The 4-Hour Workweek or for his podcast The Tim Ferriss Show. Or, you might get a feel for what he’s all about with the self-help wannabe gurus on social media spinning their yarn in his image.

No matter your opinion of Ferriss, it’s hard to dispute that the man has built an empire.

Well, now that empire grows with CØCKPUNCH.

It’s actually pretty hard to get through that sentence without chortling like a teenager so in case that didn't register, we repeat: The Legend of COCKPUNCH™ – the tale of a fantastical realm and Emergent Long Fiction project – is the podcast we’re choosing to feature as we kick off 2023.

There are a few interesting facts to get across about this podcast and the project its a part of. This is the first we’ve heard of this “Emergent Long Fiction” business. A quick Google search only uncovers content linked to Tim Ferriss (like this Tweet) so he gets points for coining the phrase. But, at the end of the day, Emergent Long Fiction is just world-building across different mediums.

While we love a good podcast that creates a universe on par with Tolkien or Martin, this ain’t that. CØCKPUNCH carves out its own unique and twisted niche thanks to just how bizarre it gets then reinforces that bizarreness with new characters, maps, and artwork as the story unfolds from episode to episode.


Speaking of episodes, they’re vivid and snack-sized – perfect for that mid-day getaway you might crave from time to time. With a quick listen, you’ll be transported to a world guaranteed to intrigue.

If you’re keeping tabs on Ferriss’ entrepreneurial track record and are wondering how he intends to separate folks from their money with this sweeping project, we’ll just come out and spill it – 🤙 NFTs 🤙.

Ferriss hits up his massive audience of fans and followers to offer them unique digital collectibles with all proceeds going to his charity, The Saisei Foundation.

The reason we were drawn in enough to research, review, and share CØCKPUNCH with you has little to do with Ferriss or his digital collectibles. What got us to lean in a little more is how this offers a glimpse into how podcasts could evolve as more and more established content creators turn to the medium and think about their impact in the broadest terms possible.

That and the incredible title.

Have a listen, be merry, and share what you think.

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