#320: True Crime Fan? This is for You.

Go behind the scenes on top true crime podcasts.

True crime podcasts took over the world nearly a decade ago, but you already knew that.

The most remarkable things to take stock of is that even after all this time, Serial’s ripple effects are being felt on both the judicial front and on the podcasting front.

The reason for that is simple – people 👏 love 👏 true 👏 crime 👏 and in an era where we’re swimming in true crime podcasts, CBC’s Crime Story distinguishes itself with host Kathleen Goldthar taking a deep, humanistic dive into the heart of our collective fascination with crime.

Prepare to revisit the podcasts that exposed cults, fraudsters, terrorist attacks and, of course, murder. Goldthar leaves the sugarcoating at the door with these grim, genuinely complex tales are partners up with the podcast creators behind each show to dissect through the personal experiences and the unwavering effort that goes into tell an audio story.

Some of your favorite podcasts get the Crime Story treatment and you should be here for it all. Bone Valley’s Gilbert King kicks things off and sets the stage for others, including Uncover’s Josh Bloch, Project Unabom’s Eric Benson, The Girlfriends’ Carole Fisher, and Chasing Cosby’s Nicole Weisenee Egan among others.

For anyone seeking more than a mere retelling of crime, Crime Story unearths layers of significance within each crime story, making it an absolute must-listen.

Have a listen and share what you think.

Oh, and if you’re in it for the throwback and want to know how we covered these excellent true crime podcasts, check out…

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