#324: A Podcast About Anything That Just Might Work

Warning: Payne may lead to death.

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Normally I'm vehemently against podcasts that claim to cover whatever's on the mind of the host and their guests. When you don't have any rules of the road, how are you ever going to stay in your own lane? (Hot tip if you're looking to create your own podcast: define the rules of road and stay in your lane.)

With Talking to Death's opening lines, host Payne Lindsey lets you know he's here to inject some new vitality into the interview-format podcasts and that he has the track record to pull it off.

I'd be lying to you if I told you I didn't already know he'd be the right fit for this sort of thing – I did get to interview Payne for Podcast Delivery #290 earlier this year and it was pretty clear that he could make something new out of a tired genre. Instead of aliens and the paranormal, this time it's some interesting people you might know.

Episode one delivers all you need to know about where Talking to Death is heading. Steve-O joins Payne to discuss his start in extreme entertainment and what he thinks about issues facing our justice system.

Clara McGregor sits down with Payne in episode two to discuss her introduction to the entertainment industry, her passion for modeling, and her dark side as she elaborates on her recent role in the hit horror anthology television series, American Horror Story. 

Each week, you get your fill of real stories, unsolved crimes, pop culture commentary, and deep dives into the human psyche and it doesn't ramble on or suck.

Dive in now—let your curiosity have its fill, allow your mind to ponder unresolved mysteries, and let your soul have some mind-opening conversations.

Have a listen and share what you think.

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