#325: From Bad Date to AI Huckster

Biggest red flag on a first date? Lying about everything and going on to sell AI tech to government defense agencies.

If you've come to learn anything about AI technology in the last year, other than that even CEOs can get canned whilst securing billions of dollars in funding, it's probably that there are a ton of risks involved in developing, fine tuning, and releasing any AI technology.

Governance and control around artificial intelligence companies is not to be taken lightly, especially since AI has huge potential to disrupt industries, and frankly, the world as we know it.  

That last sentence might seem hyperbolic or alarmist, but the reality is that there’s so much we don’t know about what happens next.

The world of AI seems to be divided into two camps – the techno optimists who believe that distributing the power of AI will bring massive step changes to people, to business and industry, and to the overall way the world works.

On the other hand, AI safety and ethical advocates argue that careful consideration and regulation are necessary in AI development to prevent potential negative outcomes, such as loss of privacy, job displacement, or the misuse of AI.

(If you’re looking to stay on top of the ever-changing discourse around the world of tech and AI, check out Podcast Delivery #266: Hard Fork.)

Needless to say, the people at the helm of the AI movement absolutely need to possess a good character and instill an incredible amount of trust in the people they're beholden to, the businesses they're contracted with, and the governments that are keeping tabs on what's going on in AI.

The last thing you'd want to find out about an AI tech leader is that they're probably a pathological liar and terrible date; which is exactly what we get to wrap our heads around in Walter's War.

Oliver Lewis founded Rebellion Defense – software solutions that detect and deter adversaries at scale for defense and national security organizations. The company really started to take off in 2019 but it was a 2012 relationship with Charlie that really set the stage for us.

In the decade since they first met, Charlie witnessed Oliver's star rise as he built a billion dollar company. He holds a powerful position, influencing military might and AI technology. Through it all, Charlie simply can't shake the uneasiness she's felt ever since it was clear to her that Oliver lied about who he was and what he did.

Should Oliver Lewis be at the helm of a company vying to revolutionize warfare using AI to optimize the kill chain? Does an endorsement from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt hold water? Where will Walter’s War take us?

Have a listen and share what you think.

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